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Dream Campaign

At OHC we are launching the vision to

Reach More, Disciple More, and Empower more!!

We long to reach more people in our community with the hope of Jesus Christ.

We long to disciple more people into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

We long to empower more people to utilize their gifts to serve others


Part 1

Plan to go to 2 services in 2023

If you attend OHC, you are a part of the 3rd attendance spike in the history of this church.  What's interesting is that each spike is the exact same - 140 people.  As we approach that threshold once again, we are preparing to try something new... go to 2 services with momentum!!

When we hold that 140 attendance number for a few months, we will be launching 2 new service times !!!

Why 2 services?

To Reach More, Disciple More, and Empower More.

Reach more.

Going to 2 services allows us to double the use of our facility and provide more options and greater convenience!

Disciple More.

With 2 separate celebration times we can offer various Hope Groups, Discipleship Course, Youth Bible Studies, etc on a Sunday Morning. 


Empower more.

We will be doubling our need for volunteers. With 2 services our volunteers will be able to "Volunteer 1 and attend 1"! 


Part 2

Begin a capital campaign to maximize the effectiveness of our square footage

Because of the vision of our church in 1999 and 2009, we have enough square footage. What we need to do now is modernize our facility with great intentionality. 

To create spaces that help us Reach More, Disciple More, and Empower more!

The Lounge

This remodel will provide a much more welcoming space to host events, Bible Studies, and Sunday Morning conversations.

We will...

Eliminate the drop ceiling

Get new flooring

update our coffee station

remodel bathrooms

and install a garage door

The Offices


This remodel will help us maximize the effectiveness of our current square footage. It will provide increased space for counseling and discipleship efforts, creating a more welcoming entrance, and a better work environment. 

We will...

Reconfigure the offices so we eliminate wasted square footage

New flooring, paint and furniture

The Foyer/

Kids Wing

This remodel will increase the size of our foyer, provide a more welcoming first impression and allow our children's church room to grow!!

IMG_4180 3.JPEG

To make this happen, we need Dream Partners!

People who are passionate about reaching more, disciple more, and empowering more people with the hope of Jesus.  People who are ready to make a generational impact in NW OKC/Edmond

To donate to the Dream Campaign simply click on the link below. 

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